Top 3 Image to Video AI Tools

Generate AI Animation Easy

If you’re looking to create animated videos from your images or photos, but don’t have any experience with video editing or animation software, you may be interested in using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to do the job for you. In this article, we’ll explore three AI video generators that allow you to easily turn your pictures into animated videos without spending any money.


HeyGen AI Video Generator 

The first AI tool we’ll look at is HeyGen. This video generator not only creates high-quality animated videos, but also provides avatars that can be used for educational videos or advertisements.

To get started with HeyGen, click on the sign-in button and either log in with your existing account or sign up using your Google or Facebook account. Next, answer a few simple questions about your intended use of the tool and you’ll be taken to the home page.

From there, click on the avatar icon in the left toolbar and select the talking photo option. You can then upload a photo from your computer or generate an image using the AI tool.

Choose the dimensions of your video and write or upload a script. From the right toolbar, select the voice of your preferred speaker and adjust the speed and pitch of the sound. Once you’re satisfied with your settings, generate the video and add a caption or share it with others.

HeyGen AI:…


MyHeritage AI Video Generator 

The second AI tool we’ll explore is MyHeritage. This video generator specializes in reviving old images, allowing you to create animated videos from vintage photos. To use MyHeritage, select the DeepStory option under the photo header and upload your image.

Choose the gender of your character and enter a name and surname. Write your desired text and select the voice of your preferred speaker from the options provided. Generate the video and download it or edit it as needed.

MyHeritage AI:


D-ID AI Video Generator 

The third AI tool we’ll examine is D-ID, which offers a free trial option. To use D-ID, click on the Free Trial button on the home page and sign up using your Google account or email address.

Select the Generate Video option from the left toolbar and write your text, choose the language and accent, and select the voice of your preferred speaker and speaking style. Upload your photo and adjust the speaker’s voice as needed. Generate the video and download or share it.



In conclusion, using AI video generators like HeyGen, MyHeritage, and D-ID can make it easy and accessible for anyone to create animated videos from their images or photos. With a few clicks and adjustments, you can quickly generate high-quality videos for educational or promotional purposes. Give these AI tools a try and see what kind of creative videos you can produce!

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