The Best Free AI Tool for Image Generation and Making Money

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In recent years, AI-driven image-generation tools have gained popularity for their ability to create stunning images and AI Art from simple text prompts. While many of these tools come with a subscription fee, we have discovered a fantastic free alternative: Tensor Art. In this article, we will introduce you to Tensor Art, explain its features, and share a secret on how you can make money using this innovative AI tool.

What is Tensor Art AI Tool?

Tensor Art is a free AI-driven image generation tool that rivals paid options such as Midjourney and Leonardo AI. It offers an extensive range of models to create high-quality images in various styles like photorealistic realism, anime art, and more. Tensor Art also functions as a social network, allowing users to share their creations, follow other users, and learn from each other’s work.

Getting Started with Tensor Art AI Tool

To access Tensor Art, visit their official website and sign in or create an account. You can use an invitation code to increase your daily limit of image creation. Once logged in, you can explore the wide array of models and select one that suits your preferences.

The Workspace and Generating AI Images

In the workspace, you can input text prompts, customize image size, style, and other parameters. The “run” button allows you to start generating your image. Tensor Art provides a daily credit balance for creating images, which refreshes every 24 hours. With the invitation code, you can create up to 100 images per day for free.

The workspace also includes options for entering positive and negative prompts, selecting the number of images to generate, and fine-tuning settings such as the sampling method.

Image to Image and Remix Features

Tensor Art offers unique features like “Image to Image” and “Remix” to enhance your creations. “Image to Image” allows users to upload a reference photo to generate a new image with similar details. The “Remix” feature enables users to create different versions of an image by modifying details in the prompt or settings. This function is beneficial for both novice and experienced AI image creators.

Making Money with Tensor Art

Tensor Art not only serves as a powerful image-generation tool but also offers opportunities to earn money. Creators who develop new AI models can receive payments for their work, making it an excellent platform for learning and growing AI skills.

Additionally, there’s a unique method to generate income using Tensor Art in conjunction with Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies. By searching for “digital character” on Etsy, you will find a lucrative market with relatively few competitors. This niche offers digital character design services for games, animations, storybooks, and even personalized gifts.

By using Tensor Art’s AI-driven image generation capabilities, you can create high-quality digital characters and sell them on Etsy at competitive prices. The advantage lies in offering lower prices and higher order volumes, allowing you to start earning money almost immediately.

Why Tensor Art is Ideal for This Venture

Tensor Art is the perfect tool for this business model because it offers unlimited free image generation, high-quality output, and exceptional ease of use. Compared to other free AI tools on the market, Tensor Art produces superior results. Its time-saving features allow you to quickly see the outcomes of your work, making it a valuable resource for your Etsy store.


Tensor Art is an incredible free AI tool for generating high-quality images and offers a unique opportunity to earn money on Etsy. By leveraging the power of AI, you can enter the digital character design market, offer competitive prices, and grow a successful business. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to create stunning images and make money using Tensor Art.

Click on the link in the description below and create at least one image to experience the incredible value that Tensor Art can offer you. It’s completely free, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create amazing images using Tensor Art. Enjoy using Tensor Art, and we’ll see you again in the next article.

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