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Aitubo is one of the best alternatives for Midjourney and it is a revolutionary game material creation tool that enables users to effortlessly generate a wide variety of materials, such as game assets, animation material, and comic material, without requiring any programming skills. This AI-powered tool is an excellent alternative to Bluewillow and comes with numerous unique features that set it apart. In this article, we will explore the Aitubo Text to Image AI Tool in detail and discuss its various features, making it the ideal choice for artists and creators alike.


A Comprehensive Overview of Aitubo (Best Alternative For Midjourney)

Accessing the Aitubo Web App

To access the Aitubo AI tool, simply click the link provided in the description. From there, you can either click the “Start Creating Now” button or the web app icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Exploring the Community Feed

On the homepage, you’ll find the Community Feed section, where you can browse through previously created images and gather inspiration for your own creations. By clicking on each image, you can access its prompt, negative prompt generation model, and other creative details. Furthermore, you can download the image for free or click on the “Try this image” button on the right side to generate a new version of the image or customize it according to your requirements.

Delving into Aitubo’s Core Features

Aitubo offers three primary tools: AI Generator, AI Editor, and AI Talking Avatar. Let’s dive into each of these features and understand their capabilities.

AI Generator

The AI Generator allows users to create images based on two types of prompts: the main prompt and the negative prompt. Users can specify what they want to be included in the image using the main prompt and what should be excluded using the negative prompt. Additionally, Aitubo offers multiple generation models to customize the style of the image.

One of the distinguishing features of Aitubo is the LORA option, which enables users to choose the pose and style of their character. This feature is particularly helpful for creating animation characters. With a vast selection of poses and styles available, Aitubo caters to a myriad of artistic preferences.

Customizing the Image Generation Process

Aitubo allows users to control various parameters of the image generation process, such as:

  • Number of images per prompt
  • Image dimensions
  • Guidance scale (creativity control)
  • Step count
  • Image to Image uploads

By adjusting these settings, users can tailor the output to their specific needs and preferences.

AI Editor

The AI Editor is a powerful feature that makes editing images a breeze. Users can remove backgrounds, expand images, and make other modifications with ease. To edit an image, simply place the purple box on the area to be modified, use the brush tool to specify the editing area, and write a new prompt in the prompt bar before clicking on the generate button. The AI Editor can be used not only for images generated by Aitubo but also for images uploaded from the user’s computer.

AI Talking Avatar

Though still in beta, the AI Talking Avatar is an exciting feature that allows users to upload an image and add a script to be spoken by the avatar. Users can select the language, gender, voice tone, and emotions of the speaker while reading the text. This feature has immense potential for creating interactive and engaging content.

Aitubo’s Pricing Model and Community Support

To create images with Aitubo, users need “stars,” which act as virtual currency. New users receive 100 stars as a welcome gift, and 50 free stars are provided daily for creating up to 25 images. Joining Aitubo’s Discord community and completing a form rewards users with an additional 100 gold coins. The Discord community serves as a platform for users to connect with the Aitubo team and receive assistance with any issues they may encounter.


Aitubo’s Text to Image AI Tool is a powerful and versatile alternative to Bluewillow. With its user-friendly interface, diverse features, and affordable pricing model, Aitubo is an excellent choice for artists, creators, and individuals seeking to generate high-quality images and animations. If you’re looking for an AI image generator that can create attractive cartoon characters and other images tailored to your preferences, give Aitubo a try and experience the power of AI-driven creativity.

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