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In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, having captivating product photography is critical to driving sales. Poor-quality product photos can be detrimental to your success, regardless of how good your actual product may be. Since potential customers cannot physically touch your products online, the value of your product photos is paramount to their purchasing decisions. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment or hire a photography team to achieve great product photos. Your smartphone, natural lighting, and the power of artificial intelligence can deliver professional results without breaking the bank.

In this article, we will explore how to capture impactful product photos using only your smartphone and natural lighting. We will also introduce you to one of the best AI photoshoot tools available, Scene Creation by Claid.AI, which utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to transform any image into a professional product photo effortlessly.

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Capturing Product Photos with Your Smartphone and Natural Lighting

Before diving into the world of AI, let’s first discuss how to capture stunning product photos using your smartphone and natural lighting. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose the right smartphone camera: While most smartphones come equipped with decent cameras, some are better suited for product photography than others. Look for a smartphone with a high-resolution camera, good low-light performance, and manual mode for advanced control.
  2. Use natural lighting: Natural lighting is one of the most important factors in capturing great product photos. Position your product near a window or other source of natural light, and avoid using the built-in flash on your smartphone, as it can create harsh shadows and glare.
  3. Invest in a tripod: A tripod can help you achieve steady, consistent shots and eliminate camera shake. Look for a tripod specifically designed for smartphones, as they often come with adjustable mounts to accommodate different phone sizes.
  4. Experiment with angles and composition: To create visually appealing product photos, experiment with different shooting angles and compositions. Take multiple shots from various perspectives to find the perfect angle that highlights your product’s features.
  5. Edit your photos: Use photo editing apps on your smartphone or computer to enhance your product images. Adjust exposure, contrast, and color balance to create a clean, professional look.

Harnessing the Power of AI with Photoshoot by Claid.AI

Now that you have some basic tips for capturing product photos with your smartphone and natural lighting, it’s time to introduce you to the game-changing AI tool, Scene Creation by Claid.AI. This powerful tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to effortlessly transform any image into a professional product photo.

Getting Started with AI photoshoot

To begin, navigate to the Claid.AI website and click on the “Try it for Free” button located in the top right corner of the interface. Register using your Google account or email address, and you will automatically be directed to the Scene Creation dashboard. This is where all the magic happens, allowing you to create beautiful, high-quality product photos in just a few simple steps.

Uploading Your Product Image

Before diving in, you need to upload a sample photo to test Scene Creation’s capabilities. For this demonstration, let’s use a jar of jam as our product image. Once the image has loaded into the frame, navigate to the left side of the dashboard to choose a scene.

Choosing a Scene

Scene Creation offers a wide range of default scenes to suit different themes and product types, making it easy to find the perfect scene for your product image. For our jar of jam, we’ll filter out other scenes and choose one from the Kitchen category.

Customizing Your Image by AI

After selecting a scene, it’s time to customize the image using the color selector located on the right side, under the description box. Choose a color that complements your product and adjust the template to your liking. You can experiment with different colors to achieve professional results that match your product’s aesthetic.

Harnessing the AI’s Full Potential

Scene Creation offers far more than just a selection of backgrounds and colors. You can even ask the AI to render a more specific background that perfectly matches your product image. For example, if you’re selling 100% organic jam, you could request a background full of organic elements surrounding your product.

In about 10 seconds, Scene Creation will render four images. Once the rendering is complete, select your preferred image, and click on the download button to save the image to your device. With three additional variants to choose from, you have plenty of options to find the perfect image for your ecommerce platform.

Enhancing Your Images with Claid.AI’s Editing Tool

Claid.AI also offers a powerful image editing tool that enables you to enhance your product photos. The tool provides quality enhancement, color adjustment, resizing, background changing, and more. It is incredibly user-friendly, and even if you have no previous experience with image editing, you can easily use it to improve your product photos.

Affordable Pricing for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

When you registerfor Claid.AI, you will receive 50 free credits. Each set of four images you create using the tool requires one credit, meaning you can create up to 200 images to test the AI tool. After using up your initial credits, you can purchase an additional 500 credits for $39, which equates to less than ten cents per image. For individuals who run an online business and sell products, this tool is not only affordable but also extremely useful compared to other similar tools available on the market.

The Benefits of Using AI for Product Photography

By using AI-assisted tools like Scene Creation by Claid.AI, you can enjoy numerous benefits that will help you capture stunning product images for your ecommerce store:

  1. Save time and effort: AI-assisted tools can automate the process of creating professional product photos, saving you time and effort that can be better spent on other aspects of your business.
  2. Improve consistency: AI-powered tools can help you achieve a consistent look and feel across all your product images, ensuring that your ecommerce store looks polished and professional.
  3. Enhance creativity: AI tools can generate countless background and color options for your product images, allowing you to experiment with different styles and find the perfect combination that showcases your products in the best light.
  4. Reduce costs: Investing in AI-powered tools can be more cost-effective than hiring a professional photography team or purchasing expensive equipment. In addition, the pay-per-image model offered by Claid.AI ensures that you only pay for the images you need, keeping costs under control.
  5. Increase conversions: High-quality product photos can help you attract more customers and increase conversions, ultimately boosting your ecommerce store’s revenue.

Final Thoughts

Capturing impactful product photos is crucial for any ecommerce store’s success. With the help of your smartphone, natural lighting, and AI-powered tools like Scene Creation by Claid.AI, you can create stunning, professional product images that will impress potential customers and drive sales. As ecommerce continues to evolve, embracing innovative technologies like artificial intelligence can give you a competitive edge and help your online business thrive.

So, give Scene Creation by Claid.AI a try and see the difference it can make in your product photography. With its user-friendly interface, powerful AI capabilities, and affordable pricing, it’s a valuable tool for any ecommerce entrepreneur looking to enhance their product images and boost sales.

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