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Welcome back to my website! I am incredibly excited to introduce you to a groundbreaking new tool in the world of design and photography: the AI-powered Generative Fill in Photoshop. This innovative feature allows for the easy removal of complex objects, image extension with realistic details, and the generation of new objects and backgrounds with incredible realism. Today, I have some amazing surprises in store for you, so let’s dive right in!

Getting Started with Photoshop Beta

Before we start exploring the Generative Fill tool, make sure to install the Photoshop Beta. Open your Creative Cloud Desktop and navigate to the Beta Apps section. Select and install the Photoshop Beta, which should take around five minutes. Once installed, open the software and get ready to experience its fantastic features.

Exploring Photoshop Generative Fill

After opening a new project in Photoshop Beta, you’ll see some information about the Generative Fill, a new feature in Photoshop. This tool simplifies the process of removing unwanted elements from your image, adding new things, or making any changes you want. All you have to do is type the desired changes and click on the Generate button – the software does the rest for you!

Now, let’s put the Generative Fill to the test and see what we can create together.

Extending an Image

First, open an image from your computer and remove the background. Use the crop tool to enlarge the image frame, ensuring that the “delete cropped pixels” option is unchecked. Next, select the empty areas around the image’s edges, making sure to include a small portion of the image within the selection. Now, click on the Generative Fill tool.

At this point, you can choose to enter a custom prompt in the designated box to generate an image based on specific parameters or leave it blank to generate an image based on the overall style and theme of the picture. For this example, let’s leave it blank and check out the results.

As you can see, the image has been extended beautifully, and we have three alternate options to choose from.

Removing Unwanted Elements

Now, let’s remove something from the image. For example, say we want to remove the logo from the fuel tank of a motorcycle. Use the lasso tool to select the logo, and click on the Generate button without entering any specific prompts.

The logo has been removed cleanly and precisely, without disrupting the reflection of the light on the fuel tank or the shadows.

Changing Design Elements

Next, let’s change the design of light. Again, using the lasso tool, select the light and click on the Generate button without entering any specific prompts. We can now choose from any of the alternate options provided.

Removing Complex Objects

In the background of the image, there is a car that doesn’t fit our desired aesthetic. Quickly remove it by selecting it and clicking on the Generate button. The tool is so intelligent that it accurately reproduces the shade of the canopy on the ground, even after removing the car from the image.

As you can see, a new layer is created on the right side for every applied change, allowing for future editing or deletion.

More Amazing Examples of Photoshop

In the continuation of this video, I will showcase some more interesting examples for you. I will put the video on fast speed so that you can see the different examples very quickly.

The AI-powered Generative Fill tool is a game-changer for designers and photographers alike. It simplifies complex tasks such as removing objects, extending images, and generating new elements with remarkable realism. The intuitive interface and powerful AI make it easier than ever to create stunning visuals that captivate audiences. Get ready to revolutionize your design and photography workflow with this incredible new feature in Photoshop Beta.

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