Stop Using PHOTOSHOP: Free AI Makeup Tool

Welcome to a detailed tutorial on using Fotor, an AI-powered image editor that enables you to enhance and beautify images without the need for Photoshop. In this article, we will guide you through using Fotor to edit faces, upscale images, and even earn money from your photos.

Introduction to Fotor AI Tool

Fotor is a free, online AI image upscaler and editor, that allows you to quickly edit your images without using complex software like Photoshop. You can upscale your images, enhance their quality, and apply various edits with just a few simple clicks. Examples of upscaled images can be seen on Fotor’s website, showcasing impressive results.

Before editing

Upscaling an Image

To begin, let’s reduce the quality of an image by 50% using the resize feature of Paint software. This will help us test Fotor’s upscaling capabilities. After resizing, the difference in quality between the original and resized images is noticeable.

To upscale your image using Fotor, click on the “Upscale Image Now” button and select the image with reduced quality. After the image has been upscaled, you can compare the before and after versions to see the improvement in quality. Notice the increased clarity in details, such as the necklace, eyes, or hair. Press the “Apply” button to proceed to the image editing section.

Editing Images with Fotor AI Tool

Applying Effects

From the “Effects” section, you can apply a suitable effect to change your image’s tonality. For this example, we’ll use the “Portrait” effect.

After Editing

Beauty AI Tools

Click on the “Beauty” tab from the left toolbar to access various beauty tools. These tools are user-friendly and fast, allowing you to edit your images with ease.

  1. Blemish Fix: Select this tool and click on blemishes to remove them.
  2. Smoothing: Adjust the brush size and brush over areas you want to smooth.
  3. Wrinkle Remover: Use this tool to remove wrinkles under the eyes, forehead, or cheeks.
  4. Blush: Apply blush to the cheeks by pressing and brushing. Choose any color you like.
  5. Weight Loss: This tool is used to alter body proportions, but it’s not applicable to this face-only image.
  6. Reshape: Use this tool to change the size and shape of certain body parts. For instance, alter the jaw angle.
  7. Clone: This tool can be used to clone areas of the image.
  8. Eye Shadow: Apply eye shadow in any color to the upper eyelid.
  9. Eyeliner: Eyeliner is a widely used tool to strengthen Eyeline.
  10. Mascara: it can be used to enhance eyelashes.
  11. Eyebrow Pencil: Use this tool to strengthen the color of the eyebrows.
  12. Eye Tint & Eye Pop: Change eye color, enhance clarity, and remove redness from nighttime photos.
  13. Lip Tint: Apply lip tint in any color by pressing and brushing.
  14. Teeth Whitening: Whiten and brighten teeth by brushing over them.

Additional Features

Fotor offers several additional features that can enhance your images further:

  • Frames: Choose from thousands of frames to apply to your photo.
  • Text: Add custom text using attractive fonts.
  • Elements: Use free stickers, adjust their size and position, and combine them.
  • Batch: Edit up to 50 images simultaneously and create an album.
  • AI Art: Create artistic images or NFTs and generate income easily.

Downloading Your Edited Image

After editing your image, click the “Download” button in the top right corner to save your high-quality, edited image.

Fotor is a powerful AI image editor that allows you to quickly and easily enhance your photos without the need for expensive software. Give it a try and experience the benefits of AI-powered image editing.

Fotor AI Image Editor:

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