Federal Holidays

In the United States, there are 11 official holidays called Federal Holidays. The list of these holidays in 2023 and their full introductions can be found below.
Federal Holidays 2023 in the united states

The list of U.S. federal holidays, first adopted by Congress in 1885 when it was decided that federal employees should have certain days off, consists of 11 important days that Americans know and celebrate.
If a federal holiday falls on a Saturday, it is also a holiday on the Friday before; if it falls on a Sunday, it is a holiday on the Monday after. State agencies and government departments observe public holidays, and many private businesses, though not all, give their employees the day off.

US Federal and Non-Federal holidays in 2023

Holiday NameTypeDateDay counter
New Year’s DayFederal HolidaySunday-01 Jan 2023[hurrytimer id=”544″]
New Year’s Day in lieuRegional HolidayMonday-02 Jan 2023[hurrytimer id=”545″]
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.Federal HolidayMonday-16 Jan 2023[hurrytimer id=”546″]
Washington’s BirthdayFederal HolidayMonday -20 Feb 2023[hurrytimer id=”547″]
Easter Sunday Unofficial HolidaySunday -9 Apr 2023[hurrytimer id=”548″]
Mother’s DayUnofficial HolidaySunday-14 May 2023[hurrytimer id=”549″]
Memorial DayFederal HolidayMonday-29 May 2023[hurrytimer id=”550″]
Juneteenth Federal HolidayMonday-19 Jun 2023[hurrytimer id=”553″]
Father’s DayUnofficial HolidayMonday-19 Jun 2023[hurrytimer id=”552″]
Juneteenth National Independence DayFederal HolidayMonday-19 Jun 2023[hurrytimer id=”553″]
Independence DayFederal HolidayTuesday-04 Jul 2023[hurrytimer id=”554″]
Labor DayFederal HolidayMonday-04 Sep 2023[hurrytimer id=”555″]
Indigenous Peoples’ DayRegional HolidayMonday-09 Oct 2023[hurrytimer id=”556″]
Columbus DayFederal HolidayMonday-09 Oct 2023[hurrytimer id=”557″]
Veterans DayFederal HolidayFriday-10 Nov 2023[hurrytimer id=”558″]
Thanksgiving DayFederal HolidayThursday-23 Nov 2023[hurrytimer id=”559″]
After Thanksgiving Regional HolidayFriday-24 Nov 2023[hurrytimer id=”561″]
Christmas DayFederal HolidayMonday-25 Dec 2023[hurrytimer id=”562″]
Federal and Non-Federal holidays in 2023

Federal holidays in Winter

Since New Year’s Day, which falls on January 1, 2022, falls on  Sunday, the holiday has been moved to December 31, 2021. Therefore, most public and private sector employees will enjoy a three-day holiday before reporting to work on January 3.

Many workplaces, businesses, and schools will also be closed in January in honor of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 16.

In February, on Feb. 20 , the nation commemorates George Washington’s birthday. This holiday must be called “Washington’s Birthday” at the federal level, but private organizations, state and local governments are free to use a different name.

Federal holidays in Spring

To commemorate Memorial Day, many people in the United States are off work on Monday, May 29. The holiday was established to commemorate those who lost their lives in combat. 

Federal holidays in Summer

On June 19, the entire nation celebrates Juneteenth and Father’s day; it was declared an official holiday in 2021. Many members of the black community have celebrated Juneteenth, which commemorates the abolition of slavery in the United States, for many years. Later in the summer, many Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 4.

Labour Day, celebrated on Monday, September 4, traditionally marks the end of summer. While most other nations celebrate International Labour Day, which is observed annually on May 1, the United States honors workers in the fall.

Federal holidays in Fall

The federal government observes Columbus Day on October 9. In recent years, the focus of the vacation has shifted from the achievements of Christopher Columbus to the struggles of indigenous peoples.

On Nov. 10, workers get a day off to honor the warriors. This year, it falls on a Friday. Most people celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23, which is later in the month.


On December 25, it is time for Christmas.



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