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This Image was Made By, AI Image Generator

Bing’s  Image Creator is an innovative AI Image Generator tool developed by Microsoft that generates AI images based on text prompts using OpenAI’s DALL E technology. By entering descriptive text inputs the AI produces a set of images that match the given description. If you’re new to the tool, head over to bing.com/create and sign up for a new Microsoft account or log into an existing one to get started.

To create better prompts for image generation, it’s important to be creative and detailed. Using a combination of adjectives, nouns, verbs, and styles, as suggested by Bing can help you craft effective prompts. Here’s a template you can follow:

•             Adjective (e.g., Vibrant)

•             Noun (e.g., Tropical Island)

•             Verb (e.g., Swinging on a hammock)

•             Style (e.g., Watercolor painting)

The more specific and imaginative your prompts are, the better the AI-generated images will align with your vision. For more tips on how to write better prompts for image generation, check out the guide provided by Bing.

Now  to give you a fresh batch of inspiration for Bing’s Image Creator  here are 50 new AI image prompts you can use:

50 New AI Image Prompts

1. Futuristic, floating city, powered by renewable energy, concept art

2. Mythical, dragon, guarding treasure hoard, digital painting

3. Tranquil, forest glade, dappled with sunlight, impressionist painting

4. Steampunk, submarine, exploring ocean depths, CGI render

5. Ornate, Venetian mask, in vibrant colors, vector design

6. Psychedelic, psychedelic flower garden, blooming with rainbow colors, fractal art

7. Mysterious, abandoned castle, overgrown with vines, moody photography

8. Whimsical, magical treehouse, hidden among branches, whimsical illustration

9. Serene, desert oasis, surrounded by palm trees, watercolor painting

10. Vibrant, Bollywood dance, showcasing bright colors and lively movement, digital art

11. Futuristic, sci-fi city, floating in the clouds, concept art

12. Haunted, ghost ship, sailing through foggy waters, gothic art

13. Extravagant, wedding cake, adorned with intricate sugar flowers, cake decoration

14. Vintage, pin-up girl, posing next to a classic car, retro photography

15. Abstract, swirling vortex, filled with light and shadow, digital painting

16. Cyberpunk, hacker den, filled with high-tech gadgets, matte painting

17. Magical, unicorn, prancing through a field of flowers, fantasy art

18. Detailed, anatomical diagram, showcasing human body systems, educational illustration

19. Post-apocalyptic, survivor camp, fortified with scrap metal and salvaged materials, concept art

20. Enchanted, fairy garden, filled with toadstools and magical creatures, children’s book illustration

21. Futuristic, astronaut, exploring a new planet, digital art

22. Serene, Zen rock garden, surrounded by bamboo, black and white photograph

23. Mysterious, dark forest, shrouded in mist, moody painting

24. Extravagant, luxury yacht, cruising through crystal clear waters, 3D render

25. Vibrant, street art, depicting a colorful mural, urban photography

26. Ornate, golden filigree, inlaid with precious stones, vector design

27. Retro, roller skating rink, with disco ball and neon lights, vintage photography

28. Psychedelic, kaleidoscope, exploding with patterns and colors, digital art

29. Tranquil, countryside landscape, dotted with wildflowers, watercolor painting

30. Steampunk, airship, soaring over a cityscape, concept art

31. Whimsical, mermaid, lounging on a rock in a lagoon, fairy tale illustration

32. Magical, floating lanterns, illuminating a nighttime sky, digital painting

This Image was Made By, AI Image Generator

33. Futuristic, robot battle, in a neon-lit arena, CGI render

34. Historical, Viking longship, sailing through rough seas, historical illustration

35. Detailed, scientific illustration, of a rare species of bird, nature illustration

36. Abstract, geometric shapes, intersecting in a futuristic city, digital art

37. Cyberpunk, futuristic street, with flying cars and neon signs, matte painting

38. Mysterious, ancient ruins, overgrown with vines and moss, fantasy art

39. Vintage, record player, spinning vinyl on a mid-century modern table, retro photography

40. Enchanted, magic carpet ride, over a starry night sky, storybook illustration

41. Retro, vintage record player, with vinyl record and headphones, retro photography

42. Abstract, chaotic explosion of colors and shapes, digital painting

43. Cyberpunk, robot factory, with machines assembling androids, matte painting

44. Enchanted, magical library, with ancient books and hidden secrets, fantasy art

45. Detailed, schematic diagram of a rocket engine, educational illustration

46. Post-apocalyptic, barren wasteland, with abandoned vehicles and ruins, concept art

47. Ornate, ornamental gates, with intricate patterns and scrolling, vector design

48. Vintage, old-fashioned candy store, with jars of sweets and vintage signage, retro photography

49. Tranquil, peaceful meadow, with wildflowers and a flowing stream, oil painting

50. Haunted, spooky mansion, with creaky floors and creepy portraits, moody photography

With these prompts, you can let your imagination run wild and create unique and stunning AI-generated images with Bing’s Image Creator. Remember to be specific and use descriptive language to guide the AI toward your vision. Give it a try and see what incredible images you can create with Bing’s Image Creator and OpenAI’s DALL E technology!

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